Flip your class?



Starting out

Karen talked about some of the theoretical elements of flipped classes, and I only have 15 or so mins so I’ll skip through some of this and you can check back later to this URL.   I’ll focus primarily on the learning technology elements.  Let’s recap the basics though.  In the flipped class:

  1. Student’s do (at least in theory…) work prior to class to be exposed to and get ready through various means (videos, podcasts, readings, etc.)
  2. Classtime is repurposed to be more interactive so that students engage in active learning.  This gives more space for them to apply what they have been exposed to (as opposed to factual recall, etc.).
  3. Remember – the main benefit of the flipped approach is the repurposing of class time – that is a pedagogical consideration, not a technological consideration.  The technology allows for richer ways to achieve this.

Learning technologies have greatly opened up possibilities for how to do this in a more meaningful way. That’s the general focus of my 10-15 minutes.

So, press the button …

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